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Go Hiking Together with Bmorn at Shenzhen Bay

Hiking, is very popular in Shenzhen, as well as climbing. In this summer, E Club of Bmorn went hiking and climbing at Shenzhen Bay and Qiniang Mountain.

Organized by Bmorn, the E Club gathers some members in the company who have the same passion for hiking, climbing and other activities out in the nature.

Shenzhen Bay is a great place for a day of hiking, with a length of 13 kilometers. Walking in the Haibin road, you can see the grand sea scenery, some birds, mangroves, and some views you long for.

Life is like a journey of hiking. Before going to Qiniang mountain, all members prepared well - wearing their casual clothes, sport shoes, backpack, water and food. In the hiking, they always kept at a suitable and comfortable pace, so they can enjoy the views, talk to each other and have some fun.

Although Qiniang mountain is the second-highest mountain in Shenzhen, it’s not very difficult to climb for E Club. According to the leader, the hiking and climbing not only enrich their life in spare time and help keep healthy, but also improve their friendships to build a more united team.

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