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  • 在bmorn工作大有不同
    Jobs at Bmorn
    The people working at Bmorn don’t just create innovative products - they pursue and explore latest technology to make a better world. We’re passionate about talented people. Come join us.
  • 群策群力、相互協作

    Life at Bmorn

    Change never ends. We offer a wealth of opportunities to our people to realize their potential. Bmorn is committed to helping balance your work and personal life better.

  • 第一次就做對!
    Empower the Future

    Being part of Bmorn means new ways to do everything. You can have divers work environment to inspire the innovation, empowering the future.

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Job Title Job Categories Work Place Hiring Updated
Mobile phone structural enginee R&D Dept. Shenzhen 1 2016-01-12
Software engineer R&D Dept. Shenzhen 1 2016-01-12
IE Engineer Engineering Dept. Shenzhen 1 2016-01-12
Foreign trade sales representative OEM Division Shenzhen 3 2016-01-12
Overseas brand manager Branding Division Shenzhen 1 2016-01-12